Following A Gluten Free Diet In India

Following a gluten free diet can be quite challenging especially in the beginning. When all those burgers and fries are calling out to you , you just can’t help but give in. But what if i tell you that you can enjoy these guilty temptations AND maintain your diet at...

Quick Gluten Free Recipes

Just because you have a gluten intolerance or swore off gluten foods does not mean they don’t have to be ridiculously delicious. Here are some Quick, Easy and delicious meals  that can be prepped under  10 mins ! Go Spring Fresh with these 3 easy recipes using our...

What’s gluten? How does it affect us?

Wheat and rice have always dominated the Indian palate. We are so much enslaved by our habits, that a whole meal seems incomplete minus these must-have staples. We had been so content and in love with our plate of food, until recently when the term “Gluten” began...
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