Miss. EatRight clean says an average human being needs 1500-2000 calories to maintain their weight. The best source to get the right kind of nutrients to achieve this target is a balanced diet. Keeping this in mind how many of us really eat healthy balanced meals? And we also wonder why is it important? Eating the right ingredients in their right amounts gives your body the kind of nutrition it needs for functioning on a day to day basis and even protects you from heart diseases, now who doesn’t want to keep that heart beating?

Now there are some foods that are the hero’s in a meal and well some, not the healthiest.

Let’s talk about gluten. The ingredient that is found in the most basic of foods like bread, roti and to name a few. Now you might think that these foods are essentials of a meal which simply cannot be avoided, but Miss. EatRight will tell you some of the benefits that would come by avoiding it. Going gluten free not only decreases your cholesterol levels but also promotes digestive health and increases your energy levels. Eating gluten can create acid reflux which can affect the lining of the lower intestine to the extent of damage. Avoiding the ingredient also helps you lead a healthier lifestyle by consuming excess fruits and vegetables since they’re all gluten free.

We know what you’re thinking, “So should I give up bread all together?!”. No, there are gluten free breads and other products in the market that taste absolutely the same or even better. You’re only moving to a healthier lifestyle without having to give up on the foods you love!

Now that you’re convinced and ready to make the switch we have a list of some brilliant gluten free recipes that you can try out. They’re quick, delicious, easy to prepare and will make you feel fine and fitter!

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