Gluten Free Diet Overview 

Gluten free as the name highlights consists of various food items, which do not contain a specific type of protein called gluten. Gluten-free food items are recommended for people suffering from Celiac disease, sensitivity towards gluten or often experience any type of skin disorder, such as herpetiformis or dermatitis. Gluten free diet is also helpful for all people suffering from IBS i.e. irritable bowel syndrome, type 1-diabetes, neurological disorder and HIV related enteropathy. 

Food Items Categorized Under Gluten Free Foods 

You will find a large number of food items categorize under gluten free foods. These are as follows-

  • Fresh meats and eggs 
  • Fruits and green vegetables 
  • Poultry items and fish 
  • Nuts and seeds 
  • Unprocessed beans 
  • White rice 
  • Tapioca 
  • Varieties of dairy products 

Along with this, you will fing corn, buckwheat, cornmeal, quinoa, flax, soy, rice, millet and arrowroot as starches and grains, which come under the category of gluten-free diet. 

How Gluten Free Food Options or Diet Plan is Helpful for Celiac Disease Patients 

A gluten-free diet plan offers you tons of benefits, especially if you are a patient of Celiac disease. However, main benefits among them are-

May relieve Your Digestive Symptoms 

Most people opt to try gluten-free food items to treat their digestive problems, such as diarrhea, bloating, constipation, fatigue, gas and similar other symptoms. Most research studies have highlighted that having food items free from gluten have helped in easing digestive symptoms for all individuals with both celiac disease and non-celiac sensitivity towards gluten.

May reduce Chronic Inflammation in Celiac Disease Patients 

Inflammation is a natural procedure, which helps your body in the treatment and healing of infection. In some of the cases, inflammation goes out of control and lasts for a relatively long time, say for a few weeks, months or years. Doctors refer this condition as chronic inflammation, which results in several other health problems. On the other hand, any gluten-free diet helps in reducing the chronic inflammation in patients experiencing Celiac disease. A large number of research studies have revealed that any gluten-free diet helps in reducing antibody levels and other sources of inflammation. Gluten free food items are also helpful in the treatment of gut damage caused from gluten-based inflammation in people suffering from Celiac disease. 

May act as Energy Boosters 

Celiac disease patients often feel sluggish and tired. A few of them also often experience brain fog. Each of these symptoms take place because of nutritional deficiencies due to damage caused to the gut. For instance, deficiency in iron levels results in anemia, which is a common problem with Celiac disease. On the other hand,  if you are a Celiac disease patient, you should switch to a gluten-free diet plan to boost your energy levels and prevent yourself from feeling sluggish and tired. 

May Help You in Losing Your Body Weight 

When you make it a  habit to have food items free from gluten, you may expect to lose somebody weight. The reason for this is that following a gluten-free diet eliminates various junk foods and in turn, prevents the intake of unwanted calories in your daily diet. Instead, you usually have green veggies, fruits and lean form of proteins. Other than this, when you opt to follow gluten-free foods, you will likely avoid snacks, pastries and cakes, which further help in shedding extra calories from your body. 

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