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When it comes to firsts, Sprinng Foods pretty much wrote the book.

For years, we researched, argued, experimented, wept and locked ourselves in our facilities in Ireland until we developed our perfect, delicious recipes. So when you bite into any of our Gluten Free breads, muffins, cakes, pizzas, and what not, you’ll wonder how something that tastes this good can make you feel so light.

Dive into our fantastic range of guilt free Gluten Free products but don’t say that we didn’t warn you.

Gluten Free Foods Manufacturer In Mumbai

Welcome to Sprinng Foods! We are your pathway to relish and enjoy good quality gluten-free food. We have been researching and experimenting a lot lately on gluten, and we think we’re finally in a position where we are glad to share with you a delish assortment of gluten-free foods. For those who do not know what gluten is, it is a harmful ingredient usually found in barley and wheat. Consuming it in excess quantities in our routine lifestyle can lead us towards health problems such as inflammatory diseases, immune problems, damage to intestines, and other gastronomically concerns. In order to cut out this threat from our lives, our team has come with an initiative to produce and promote gluten free foods only.

Gluten Free Foods We Offer

If you are thinking there's not enough good food on the shelves that most importantly come with a gluten-free tag then we have a list of natural gluten free foods to prove you wrong. All our products are made from award-winning recipes – researched, tried, and tested by expert chefs in Ireland. Some of the popular items from out list include –

  • Gluten-free breads: Eating wheat breads on a regular basis can prove to be unhealthy in the long run. Therefore, we bring you gluten-free breads that are not just wholesome but are delicious too. These nourishing gluten free foods are wholesome in taste without compromising on the taste or quality factor.
  • Muffins: If you thought gluten free foods are boring then you are not so right. Our list of gluten free foods and snacks includes some delicious, bouncy muffins as well. For instance, one bite our chocolate chip muffin will transport you to Wonka’s Chocolate Factory perhaps. You can munch on them without any guilt. And of course, our main motto is intact – gluten-free!
  • Soft cookies: Not many of you know that most of the biscuits and cookies carry a lot of gluten which is not good for us. And so, Sprinng Foods offers you a variety of soft, tasty, and moist cookies with no gluten in them. You can have them anytime you want without thinking about all the gluten troubles.

We, at Sprinng Foods, are trying to come up with more exciting ways to share some amazing goodies with you. Along with that, we are striving to spread awareness about gluten and their downsides to celiacs and other people. You can try our gluten free foods. We are available at several big retail stores who have online sites where our products can be found. From breads to cookies and muffins, pick up anything you want from our gluten free range and begin your journey towards a gluten free diet! Also, share the goodness of tasty and wholesome gluten free foods among your friends and family so that we create a healthy society of our own. Stay tuned for more interesting food items that can make you drool in no time.


Prepare yourselves for a range of Gluten Free breads that are so epic that you may feel like an actual avenger after eating them. Light, thick and wholesome, these breads will make you want to thank God.
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Get ready for a range of Gluten Free muffins that are so fabulous that you may have to keep finding good hiding places for them. Light, fluffy and sweet, these muffins will show you there is still beauty in this dark world.
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Double Chocolate Cookie

Brace yourselves for a range of Gluten Free cookies that are so good that the Cookie Monster himself is on the hunt for them. Light, chewy and chocolatey, these cookies have the power to turn your day around.
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