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When it comes to firsts, Sprinng Gluten Free pretty much wrote the book.

For years, we researched, argued, experimented, wept and locked ourselves in our facilities in Ireland until we developed our perfect, delicious recipes. So when you bite into any of our Gluten Free breads, muffins, cakes, pizzas, and what not, you’ll wonder how something that tastes this good can make you feel so light.

Dive into our fantastic range of guilt free Gluten Free products but don’t say that we didn’t warn you.

Blended in Ireland, Proudly Made In India : The Best Gluten Free Foods you can find in Mumbai

For those who do not know what gluten is, it is a protein found in wheat, barley, rye, spelt and some other grains. For those who are allergic to Gluten, or suffering from Celiac disease, consuming it in any form causes detrimental reactions. Not just Celiacs, sensitivity towards Gluten is also on the rise due to excessive use of Gluten in a lot of everyday foods like breads, cakes, biscuits, cookies and many sauces, foods that we consume routinely. In such cases, Gluten sensitivity has been known to trigger inflammatory reactions, autoimmune problems and other gastronomically concerns. So if you’re looking to cut Gluten from your lives, without losing on the Taste or Texture, our line of Gluten Free foods are perfect for you!

The Silver Lining

Not just Gluten Free, most of our products are Lactose Free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Soy Free, Nut Free and Allergen Free, making them suitable for ANYONE looking to move to a Free From Food lifestyle without any compromise!

The Gluten Free Foods That We Offer

If you are thinking there's not enough good food on the shelves that most importantly come with a gluten-free tag then we have a list of gluten free foods to prove you wrong. All our products are made from award-winning recipes – researched, tried, and tested by expert chefs in Ireland. Some of the popular items from our list include –

  • Soft & Delicious Sandwich breads: Our gluten-free breads are wholesome, nourishing and delicious too and are an excellent replacement to regular wheat bread for anyone wanting to switch! What’s more, they come in 3 variants - Plain, Herb and Multiseed - and are loaded with high fibre to aid digestion. Moreover, our different breads contain a host of benefits like antioxidants, flavonoids and Omega 3.
  • Bouncy Muffins: If you thought gluten free foods are dry, crumbly & boring, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Our list of gluten free foods and snacks includes our delicious, fluffy, muffins as well. Made with pure 58% Dark Belgian chocolate, Madagascar Vanilla and Pure Belgian Dark Cocoa, one bite of our chocolate chip muffin will transport you to Wonka’s Chocolate Factory perhaps. And the Blueberry Bouncy Muffin takes you to blueberry heaven! Munch on their gluten free goodness for some guilt free indulgence.
  • Soft & Chewy cookies: Our gluten free chocolate chip cookies are yummy and satisfying. Pop them into the microwave for 20 secs for an ethereal experience. Made with our proprietary mix along with real butter, Belgian Chocolate Cocoa and French Vanilla our gluten free cookies are tasty and moist.
  • Pizza base: Our extraordinary gluten free pizza base gives you a taste of the real thing without any of the guilt. Spread the sauce, load it with your favorite toppings and toss it in the oven, for a delicious, high fibre, satisfying, guilt free, gluten free pizza without any difference in taste or texture of than a regular pizza. Great for the everyone!
  • Burger buns: A true classic without the guilt is our superlative gluten free burger bun. Slap on some mayo, slide in a grilled patty, sliced tomato and cole slaw and you have the ultimate Gluten Free comfort food with your Sunday night movie!

Sprinng Foods is perpetually striving to bring new, yummy goodies to you while spreading awareness about gluten and its downside. Celiacs and other gluten sensitive people now have a delicious choice. So go ahead and bite into our gluten free goodness, available at the most popular retail stores and online sites in Mumbai and Pune. Pick up anything you want from our gluten free range and begin your journey towards a gluten free diet! And please help our tribe grow by sharing the goodness of tasty and wholesome gluten free foods among your friends and family!

Stay tuned for more interesting and drool worthy food items coming soon!


Prepare yourselves for a range of Gluten Free breads that are so epic that you may feel like an actual avenger after eating them. Light, thick and wholesome, these breads will make you want to thank God.
Available at your nearest store in Mumbai (click here)


Get ready for a range of Gluten Free muffins that are so fabulous that you may have to keep finding good hiding places for them. Light, fluffy and sweet, these muffins will show you there is still beauty in this dark world.
Available at your nearest store in Mumbai (click here)

Double Chocolate Cookie

Brace yourselves for a range of Gluten Free cookies that are so good that the Cookie Monster himself is on the hunt for them. Light, chewy and chocolatey, these cookies have the power to turn your day around.
Available at your nearest store in Mumbai;(click here)

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